Why do Zero Energy Homes Seldom Use Natural Gas?

A lot of people are talking about the permanent damage people are doing to the Earth. A huge portion of that damage is the result of the energy industry, especially when it comes to carbon emissions.

In fact, the United States has the second highest carbon emissions of any country in the world. That’s why a lot of home buyers are looking into zero energy homes.

Transforming your home into a zero energy home transforms the homeowner into a responsible citizen of the world. Your home will be generating as much energy as it uses. Another bonus is that this system can even save you a few bucks.

While many people believe natural gas is clean and use it for its perceived energy efficiency, many who have zero energy homes do not. If you’re wondering why check out these four reasons.


Although natural gas produces half the carbon emissions of coal and only 30% of oil carbon emissions, it still produces environmentally harmful emissions. On the other hand, solar-generated electricity produces no emissions at all.

Additionally, natural gas needs to be extracted from the Earth, using processes that also involve carbon emissions. While natural gas is a better choice than any other fossil fuel, it’s still a fossil fuel that’s nowhere near as clean as solar energy.


Like coal, oil, propane, or any of the more environmentally harmful fossil fuels, natural gas is a greenhouse gas. It is in the same category as those energy fuels.

Actually, natural gas doesn’t even need to be burned to damage the environment. It’s known to leak from spots all along its journey to your home. These leaks seriously harm both vegetation and animals.

These gas leaks not only kill grass and trees but small animals and birds as well. Meanwhile, solar power presents none of these issues.


Net metering involves homes being connected to a grid, where electric energy input and output can be measured, allowing you to easily be reimbursed for any extra energy you put in. This system greatly benefits solar energy homeowners.

Natural gas users, however, do not experience these utility credits. This encourages homeowners to use solar energy to reduce their utility bills.


Natural gas may seem cheaper initially, but does its efficiency over time live up to this assumption? Electric pumps have been shown to produce three to four times more energy.

Obviously, this efficiency will save you enough money to justify the initial electricity costs. Whether you’re looking at an electric induction stove or pumps for water heating, electric fuel costs are an investment that pays off, literally.


At Blue Zero Homes, we provide home buyers with the best zero energy homes on the market. We not only help homeowners improve the environment, but we also help them save money on their energy bills.

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