WHY Build new?


Since 2015, millennials and baby boomers have largely influenced the residential real estate market which has resulted in the toughest buyer’s market today in the last decade. Throughout the US, available housing is near 20-year lows and prices keep soaring.

2017 is definitely a seller’s market in Texas and South Carolina. It is common to see open houses filled to capacity, intense bidding wars, and multiple offers above original asking prices. As a result, those looking for an affordable home in a seller’s market can experience quite a stressful and burdensome process to find homes they are compromising for.


Home Prices Are Expected To Continuously Rise

Did you know home prices in 2017 are higher than before the 2007 housing crash?! With a 5% increase from 2015 to 2016, an additional 2% to 3% jump is expected this year. With the housing inventory quickly diminishing, available housing in key markets of the country are getting swallowed up.


Create A Dream Home That Fits You

When you build a new home, you build for you and your family. Why settle for a home that is designed for someone else’s lifestyle? Alleviate the need to update and fix up a home in the confines of its current layout by starting fresh with a home custom designed around what you want in a living space. From flooring and countertops to door and window fixtures, the possibilities are endless when you build new.


Save Energy and Reduce Monthly Utility Bills

Technology advancements of today enable many new homes to be much more energy efficient than homes built even five years ago, especially when you consider homes that are 10, 20, or 30 years old. New homes have a significant advantage when it comes to air ventilation, renewable energy options, low energy windows, better insulated walls, regulated temperature controlled rooms and much more to lower monthly utility bills to save money in your pocket. Homebuilders like Blue Zero Homes adhere to strict energy guidelines and keep the environment in mind on each build. The end result is a home that you and your family will love


Lessen House Projects and Maintenance Needs

Most homeowners agree that house projects are an ongoing and seemingly endless responsibility. And a house bought on the resale market means you’re taking on the wear and tear of past families over several years. When building new, this doesn’t have to be the case because, well…. It’s new! Moreover, new technology and better building practices keep your home maintenance responsibilities low for many stress free years to come.


A New Home Is A Key Investment

With the real estate industry experiencing an upward trend in today’s housing market, it is a great time to make the investment on a newly built home. If and when the time comes to sell, it means your home will have newer appliances and energy efficient built ins. Technically advanced homebuilders like BlueZero Homes include renewable energy systems like solar panels which significantly increase one’s home value by as much as $20,000! Lastly, new housing developments are often strategically built in up and coming parts of town where your local community can expect growth from local stores, restaurants and shops opening near by.


Customize Your Floor Plan

The process of building a home has become much more efficient and engineers have created many solutions to mitigate load bearing walls and pillars in the home that interfere with the flow you’re looking to create. So, if you want that extra space in the living room or another bedroom downstairs, you have the ability to make it a reality.


Get a Home Warranty with Longevity

With the most up to date industry standards, materials, and energy efficient systems, newly developed homes offer years of worry free hassle as warranties cover most of everything, And unlike most homebuilders in the Southwest and Southeast, Blue Zero Homes offers a 25 year full structural warranty on our homes to ensure our customers can comfortably in their beautiful homes knowing that they are covered by us.


Improved Air Quality

Many do not realize the importance of well ventilated air filters in home which impact our health and breathing in numerous ways. Homes built even 10 and 15 years were built with lower energy standards and air systems that are costly, less efficient, and release more outside air influencing things like allergies and comfort. New homes combine high-performance energy efficiency with top of the line ventilation and air filtration for a comfortable and airtight environment year-round.


Updated Safety Standards

The safety and comfort of a home is an important requirement when buying a house. Older homes run a risk of having flammable materials, outdated circuit breakers, plumbing, or toxic paints. This is not to mention that you may have no idea what is behind the walls! With the most recent modern safety standards and technology systems, a new home significantly reduces the risks of threatening home issues.


Quality of Living In Your Surrounding Community

Whether building in a new housing development or land that you own, the community component of your home is an important aspect of deciding where to settle. Often times, these areas are in the come up of thriving communities with all the amenities one looks for in their surrounding neighborhood like schools, food/ dining, neighborhood parks, community groups and shopping centers.