Ten Reasons Why You Should ‘Steel’ Your Next Home

Though steel has been a staple for commercial buildings for decades, the economical and environmental benefits to steel-framed construction has fostered renewed interest in residential spaces. Because steel buildings are cost effective, quicker to build, easily customizable, durable, and long lasting, more and more homeowners have been using steel as a feature in many modern homes.

Here we highlight the top ten reasons why you should consider having your next home built from steel.


  1. Steel Is Super Sustainable

Steel is a recycled product that saves enough annual energy to power 18 million households. For every 2,000 lbs of recycled steel, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone are saved.

  1. Steel Outlasts Wood

Steel costs about 30% less than wood over its lifetime. And unlike wood, it is less susceptible to water damage, rotting, burning, shrinkage and termite infestation.

  1. Steel Goes Hard Forever

Recycled steel never loses its strength and is a long lasting material that rarely needs to be repaired over a home’s lifetime. Because of this, steel-framed homes cost less to insure and are less likely to disrupt the structure of a home.

  1. Steel Keeps Your Home Safe From Unwanted Pests

Steel is uninhabitable by most animals and provides extra protection from household pests, such as termites and rats. It is also moisture resistant and thus, safe from mildew and mold build up.

  1. Keeps Your Home Safer From Fire

Steel’s outer shell is flame retardant and free of hazardous materials. And because this metal is a non-combustible material, homeowners typically get lower insurance costs.

  1. Steel Can Get You Through The Toughest Weather

The durability of steel in inclement weather s one of its biggest benefits as it can withstand the most extreme circumstances such as winds up to 220 miles, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. In fact, steel buildings can remain standing even in the highest classification of seismic zones which are the regions most prone to seismic waves and shifting ground.

  1. Steel Structures Keep Homes Balanced And Secure

Steel does not warp, rot, or bend. This means homeowners don’t have foundation cracks in the walls, their walls are kept straight, floors and rooflines remain level, and insect damage is not a concern. Moreover, wood has a tendency to creak when it shifts which does not occur from steel,

  1. Residential Steel Frames Make It Easy For Homes To Be Personalized

The structure and construction of steel framed homes creates an open design space and opportunity for the home to be easily expandable for future additions.

  1. Steel Bypasses Many Hurdles To Save Homeowners Money

A home built from metal saves money in your pocket because additional engineering that usually is needed for wood framing is instead, priced into the material costs of the steel structure. Ultimately you save time and money when compared to wood.

  1. Recycled Steel Homes Are Better For The Environment

Over the lifespan of a building, wood must constantly be harvested and milled. And when a wood frame building is altered or torn down, all materials go to the landfill. Because steel is a  recycled metal that can always be used again, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint of a home.